From mapping and extracting fields to performing QA activities on digitized data - we enter, verify, and manage large batches of account invoices with speed and accuracy.

  • Mapping of required fields in the invoices
  • Data Entry of invoice data
  • Data Entry for Account Statements
  • Processing Business rules on digitized data
  • Review and Verification Activities of digitized data

Building High Quality Data Sets

From creating bounding boxes to image tagging - we build and validate large batches of high-quality training data for Artifical Intelligence.

  • Data labelling for Computer Vision
  • Build datasets with millions of tightly drawn bounding boxes
  • Three-dimensional bounding of vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists & obstacles on the road
  • Bounding of Lifestyles items and accessories



From document verification to content moderation - we do data entry we ensure that data entry process is managed through effective and error-free manner.

  • KYC Document Verification
  • Cost-effective & accurate OCR for any type of document.
  • Content Moderation
  • Spam Detection


Image and Document Tagging

We sort and tag large batches of images and documents making them easy to categorize and search on various online platforms.

  • Image Tagging
  • Online Catalog enrichment
  • Document tagging